Influencer Intelligence

An influencer discovery platform enabling thousands of marketing, media and communications professionals to identify and connect with the right people to activate and elevate talent-led activities.

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Unlock the true power of influencer marketing


Access 150,000+ influencers and celebrities globally, all researched and verified by a team of expert analysts, dedicated to identifying the most authentic creators for your next campaign. Explore everything from gender, age and geography to interests, affinities and salary and uncover the conversation topics currently trending across social media.


Compare influencers, celebrities and tastemakers side by side and across multiple data points. Review social media performance, past collaborations and audience data to find the talent that aligns most closely with your target audience.


Access over 7,000 key events and awareness days to help you identify gifting and dressing opportunities and plan content hooks that will maximise the amplification of your campaigns.


Handle all your influencer marketing activity in one place. From running multiple campaigns, to creating and managing relationships, accessing important contact details and collaborating with teams using profile and data exports.


Quantify the value of influencer partnerships over time through our powerful campaign measurement tool and access a personalised dashboard that provides a clear view of every campaign. Get the true measure of your brand’s success using the latest industry benchmarks and further expertise from our consultancy team.

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Case Study

How Influencer Intelligence’s expertly curated profiles

Influencer Intelligence came to good use for ITB Worldwide, the entertainment marketing agency behind a new campaign for one of the UK’s biggest high street fashion brands for women.

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“Influencer Intelligence enables us to successfully identify and connect with influencers that meet the needs of any client campaign (no matter how niche).

The selection process highlights the importance of data intelligence as a fundamental counterpart to industry insight and reflects the level of maturity influencer marketing has reached today.”

ITB Worldwide


“As a Celebrity Manager for a large charity, I couldn’t do what I do without Influencer Intelligence. It’s an invaluable resource and the team are always helpful and on hand.”



“Influencer Intelligence has been a huge help to Universal Music, especially having all the data and information in one place! The in-depth analytics have enabled us to create more personalised and targeted campaigns.”

Universal Music